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[RULES]Chat Box Rules

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PostSubject: [RULES]Chat Box Rules[RULES]Chat Box Rules I_icon_minitimePost Date: Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:36 pm

I. For the one who want to open new thread

Your title must have tag in the title like this:


The title of new topic must use this format


Your message body must include this:

Message body:

II. For the one who want to reply on a topic

- Your message have to be longer than 10 words
- Can't say bad words or something that bad
- Do not use red color
- No putting more than 2 emotions next to each other
- No advertising

III. Other Rules

- One person can only open 2 chat place a month
- One person can join every chat place
- You can only chat when there's another person answer you already
- If another person already answer you, you can't edit your post anymore

- Once your chat place filled up with 50 pages, please tell me here and I'll close it for you

IV. If you go against the rules

1st time: Warning and moderator will edit your post
2nd time: Warning and you will have to edit your post within 10 days
3rd time: Edit without telling
4th time: Warning and delete your post
5th time: Delete without warning
6th time: Ban for 1 week
7th time: Report to administrators

If you saying stuff that too bad, inappropriate, advertising, attitude not want to cooperate with moderator when they prompt or anything else that harm our website, moderator gonna tell administrators right at the first time and you might get ban forever. Any question please ask me by sending me visitor message or private message. Hope we don't have anyone that go against the rules.

♦♦♦ Sincerely,
[RULES]Chat Box Rules IiWo5HREHnybg jelly.belly - Moderator ♦♦♦

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[RULES]Chat Box Rules

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